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Irene Strikkers

Irene Strikkers is team lead of Yoast’s plugin team. She is a web developer with a passion for linguistics.

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During my first few months at Yoast, I focussed on developing content checks to help our users to write more readable content. When I was asked if I wanted to assist in writing the code for those checks as well, I immediately said yes!

My temporary move to the development team turned out to be quite permanent. After implementing the readability checks, I started to work on our internal linking tool that suggests to which related post users might want to link. After that, I joined the inaugural MyYoast team. Later, I switched back to the plugin team, where I am currently working on the integration of our plugin with Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor.

However, I didn’t bid farewell to my linguistic roots. I’m still involved in expanding our readability checks to new languages and other language-related issues. On top of that, I’m part of the product team that’s continuously working on improving our plugins and services. It’s the combination of development, research, and linguistics that I like best.