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Judith Terbeek-Arts

Right after my study Communications in Eindhoven I started working at an agency until I had a great chat at Yoast, found out more about SEO and I was hooked.

After working at an agency for many years I was excited to broaden and deepen my knowledge in the field of SEO, and that’s when I joined Yoast. As a consultant, I’ve reviewed many websites and I still love to join a panel to pick up some live site reviews once in a while.

During the past years, the Yoast team offered me a lot of opportunities to explore my skills and passion in many fields, like sales, marketing, project management, leadership, and our communities. I followed my guts and for a few years, I’m combining my skills and experience in my role as a management assistant to support our management in many ways. I’m part of the organizing team for events like YoastCon (what I call my cherry on the cake) and one of the hosts of our “How to start with SEO?” webinars.

My husband and I have two beautiful and humorous teenage girls. Whom I regularly watch and support in the riding stable or at a volleyball or hockey field. I just love to enjoy life to the fullest, FOMO is my biggest issue ;).