About us

The mission of Yoast is SEO for everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines. Our SEO plugin, blog posts, and online courses should enable both large companies as well as small websites to attract the traffic they desire.

Yoast’s offices are located in Wijchen, the Netherlands. We have colleagues and users all over the world.

At Yoast, we believe in Open Source. We strongly believe in giving back to the community. In our view that means giving back to the place we live in, together!

Mission »

At Yoast, we believe that SEO should be for everyone. We believe in creating equal chances for everyone in the search results. We keep our mission in mind in everything that we do.

The board »

The board of Yoast consists of 5 partners: Marieke van de Rakt (CEO), Joost de Valk (Founder and CPO), Chaya Oosterbroek (COO), Omar Reiss (CTO) and Thijs de Valk (CCO). Get to know them a bit better!

The Yoast board

Core values »

At Yoast, we’re working together to make the web a better place. We believe in collaboration, sharing knowledge and making work fun and meaningful. We highly value equality and inclusiveness.

Work at Yoast »

At Yoast we feel work should be fun and meaningful. We’re making Yoast together. After all, working at Yoast is more than just a job. Want to join us? NL: Onze vacature pagina is er ook in het Nederlands.

Benefits »

We’re convinced that if you take good care of your employees, your employees will go the extra mile for you and also take good care of you. That’s why we offer our employees special benefits! [page in Dutch]

Meet the team »

Yoast grew so quickly we now consist of 100+ people, we all have different tasks and backgrounds. Check out who we are!

Conferences & meetups »

We are very active at WordPress meetups, WordCamps and other conferences. Want to meet us? Check out where we’ll be!

Product philosophy »

We believe that the role of our software is to help people maximise their chance of success online. That means providing them with a strong technical foundation, giving them tools and resources, educate them, and helping them make the right decisions.

Innovations »

In trying to keep ourselves and your website on top of their games, we are in a continuous process of innovation. Visit this page to read about some of these innovations and our thought process!

Community involvement »

Yoast sponsors dozens of WordCamps around the world, organizes events such as WordPress contributor days in our HQ and supports valued WordPress community members with a special grant called Yoast Care. Find out more about our community involvement and our impact!

History of Yoast »

Yoast was founded in 2010 by Joost de Valk. Since then, lots of things have happened and many more people have had their impact on Yoast. Read all about it!

Contact us

If you want to get in touch with us, fill out the form on our contact page! For logo’s, interviews and other media, please visit our media page.

If you want to send us stuff, use this address:

Yoast BV
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6602 GX Wijchen
The Netherlands

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