Over 11 million people worldwide use Yoast products, which makes us one of the most influential companies in SEO and WordPress. We’re continually trying to improve our products, making them faster, easier to work with and more appealing. We love to share our knowledge. Yoast has a lot of plans and ideas and we are always trying to improve every part of our company. And that’s where you come in!

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Yoast is hiring

Inclusiveness matters at Yoast. We prefer to build a diverse company with diverse teams. That includes everyone, no matter your gender, race, age, ability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Therefore, Yoast is always interested in applications from underserved and underrepresented communities, especially interested in technology. Do you have a story? Come and tell us!

Curious how it is to work at Yoast in times of COVID-19? Check out our short documentary! If you’re curious how we view working from home and in the office after COVID, read how we think about hybrid working.

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At Yoast, we are always looking for enthusiastic, driven people that want to help us grow our company. If you are a great developer, an awesome SEO or simply think you are a great addition to the Yoast team, please send us an email with a clear motivation and a resume. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

About Yoast

Yoast consists of a rapidly growing team of internet enthusiasts. We’re a start-up with a very good international reputation when it comes to SEO and website optimization. Multiple times per week we publish free SEO and/or web development related articles on our blogs. We organize MeetUps and speak at conferences.

At Yoast, we are very community-minded and highly value Open Source. We provide both free and paid plugins for WordPress, NEOS, and TYPO3, and are always looking to expand our field of work. Besides software, we sell online (SEO) courses in our Yoast Academy.

Our company is continuously in development. We create a lot of new products. Next to ongoing improvements of our Yoast SEO plugins, we publish courses on a frequent basis. The development of new products is mostly done internally and is a real team effort. Our team consists of authors, illustrators, marketeers, developers, and researchers. Together, we build new innovative SEO products!