Review notice

Date of last modification: 16 November 2022

At Yoast, we find it important to hear how our customers value our products and are eager to share this with others as well. That’s why you can read customer reviews on our website. This review policy provides information on how we collect reviews, how we rank them and how we prevent misleading reviews from appearing on our website.

Where are the reviews?

You can read the reviews on the following places:

How do we collect them?

We collect reviews in the following ways:

  • via our review page
  • via the Yoast academy surveys
  • via our Support team
  • via our Shopify app listing
  • people can leave a review after attending a webinar

Reviews about our products should, of course, be given by actual users. In order to confirm this, we kindly ask people to tell which product they are using before they leave a review on the review page.

Our support team occasionally requests customers to leave a review. We’ll only ask after the support team and the specific customer have been in contact. We’ll send an email to the specific customer with a link to G2, the platform where they can leave a review on a voluntary basis. Those reviews can be read by anyone who visits G2.

Next to this, Yoast Academy users can give feedback on the course they’ve finished by filling out a survey. In the survey, we ask the users whether they are interested in leaving a review on the Yoast review page as well. Again, those users can write a review on a voluntary basis.

Also, users can leave a review on our Shopify app listing. We might place those reviews on our website. Before we do so, we ask permission first.

Our users don’t receive anything in return for leaving a review.

‘Negative’ reviews

Nobody is perfect, so our product isn’t either. Although we don’t place the negative reviews we receive on our website, we’ll always look into it when someone isn’t too happy about one of our products. That means we reach out to the person who wrote the review, if possible. We ask that person for more input on a feedback point, in order to get to a deeper level of understanding. We can only do this when people provide us with their contact details.


On some pages of our website, you’ll find information about how users rate our products. These ratings are done by other parties. We only link to the websites of those parties and there you’ll find more information.