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In the Technical SEO category, we cover topics like crawl directives, site speed, on-page optimization, structured data, and other technical factors that can improve your SEO. As we believe in a holistic approach to online marketing, we combine technical SEO and content SEO with user experience and usability to create awesome websites.

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What's technical SEO? 8 technical aspects everyone should know »

Is technical SEO a mystery to you? Read this post and you'll know which elements you should focus on, if you want a solid technical foundation for your site.

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Structured data with the ultimate guide »

To get search engines to fully understand your site, you need structured data in the form of This guide helps you on your way.

Must read articles about Technical SEO

  • The canonical URL allows you to tell search engines that certain similar URLs are actually one and the same. Learn how to use rel=canonical!

  • This guide discusses what hreflang is, what it is for and gives in-depth information on how to implement it for your multilingual websites.

  • Master technical SEO skills with this Technical SEO training by Yoast. Learn about how to get your site indexed, HTTP, canonicals, and robots.txt.

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