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Yoast partnerships

At Yoast, our main goal is to help people improve their website and to make SEO attainable for everyone. No matter if that website is created or managed by themselves or someone else. If that is your goal too, you came to the right page! Because here we explain what a Yoast partnership can look like for companies that are focused on helping others get the most out of their website. Please read on if you work for a hosting company, web development- or marketing agency, or another SEO-related software company.

Below, you’ll find our current offering. Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to expand this. See if there’s something for you here. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to send us a message with your ideas on how we should work together to make the web better.

What we can do for you

We know there are a lot of Yoast SEO advocates out there. You might be one of them! For example, because you include our products by default in your offering or because you educate others about SEO and use our academy courses to keep your knowledge up to par. We appreciate that, a lot! Therefore, we would like to return the favor by offering you marketing opportunities, commercial benefits, or exclusive access to our resources.

Explore what we can do for you!

Hosting companies & Yoast

We strive to help every website owner with outranking their competitors. As a host, you play a vital role in website performance and therefore its chances to rank higher. Our plugins help your customers to experience success with their website, as our SEO settings, checks, and advice help them to write better content. Offering Yoast SEO Premium to your customers could be a way to attract and retain them. That’s why hosts can now become a Yoast SEO Premium reseller. Interested? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with the next steps. Next to reselling, we help hosts to get some visibility amongst our users by listing top-notch hosting companies on our vetted hosting page. If you feel your company should be listed, please fill out the form below.

Agencies & Yoast

Building, maintaining, and optimizing a website can be a full-time job. Especially if that site is trying to rank for some highly competitive keyphrases. Our users often reach out to us when they need help with SEO enhancements, but we don’t offer this kind of service. We know you do and therefore we’re helping our users to find the best fit for their needs. Find our recommended agency partners on this page.
In case you’re onboarding new clients, please take a look at our bulk discount for the best deal on our premium plugins. Good to know: we currently do not have an agency program, but we hope to offer one soon. Fill in the form below to be notified!

Software companies & Yoast

Although we’d love to be everything a website owner needs to fulfill their SEO and content marketing needs, we know we’re not! Website owners tend to use a mix of all kinds of plugins, apps, and software tools to research, prepare, execute and analyze their online strategies. To help them pick the right tools for their goals, we’d like to collaborate with other software companies that complement our products. We’ve listed our current integration partners right here and refer to our integrations regularly on our marketing channels. Do you feel we’re missing out on the tools or services your company provides? Explore our developer documentation such as our Schema API here and see how you can contribute to the success of our users.

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