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My name is Isidoros (Sid for short) and I’m from Greece. I was born and raised on an island called Chios and later on I moved to Athens, for my studies. I have studied Computer engineering and I have an MSc in I.T. with Management, a decision I made to take advantage of my interpersonal skills.

I have more than 15 years of experience in I.T. consulting and Marketing as well as in Customer Success and Account Management. During my career, I’ve worked for several companies, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations, where I have developed extensive knowledge and experience in I.T. and customer success management. Working at Yoast is the new exciting step in my career!

In my free time, I like taking road trips with my wife, playing games (mostly video games) keep up to date with the latest tech, watching movies and sports with friends, and taking care of my 3 very active cats.

WordCamp Europe

June 08 - 10, 2023
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Athens, Greece

June 8-10 is the 11th edition of WordCamp Europe 2023! Yoast is traveling to Athens (Greece) with a big group to attend the event in person. And we can’t wait to meet you live at the Yoast booth! What to expect from WordCamp Europe? There’s always a lot going on at WordCamp Europe. Over three days […] Read about WordCamp Europe »

Come and meet us, we are attending: