Rights for content on Yoast.com

Date last modification: 08-16-2021


Yoast is a trademark owned by Yoast BV, a Dutch limited liability company. The Yoast trademark is registered both in the US and in Europe:

Yoast plug-ins are licensed under the GPL open-source license, unless otherwise specified. The rights granted under the GPL are regarding copyright but do not grant any rights regarding trademark use. As a licensee, you are welcome to copy, duplicate and distribute the software of our GPL licensed plug-ins, modified or not, and to build upon our code and ideas. However, we take protecting our brand very seriously and you are not allowed to produce or market the software using the Yoast name. This includes the following: 

  • You are not allowed to brand your product ‘Yoast’ or use the Yoast trademark in any way, whether on the product or in advertising. 
  • You must use a different name compliant with trademark law for your product that does not imply that the product originates from, is sponsored by, or is in any other way connected to Yoast.
  • You are not allowed to state that your product contains “Yoast” in any way.
  • You are not allowed to use our trademark in your domain name. 
  • You are not allowed to use plays on the word ‘Yoast’ that will lead to confusion in the market, such as “Joast”, “Yoost”, or other plays on “Yoast”.

If you wish to use the Yoast trademark you may only do so with our express written consent. For any inquiries send an e-mail to legal@yoast.com 

Yoast reserves the right to alter this policy at any time.

License for code samples

All the code samples on our site are licensed under the GPL unless otherwise specified. If there is no copyright line and you want to add one, please use:

Copyright (C) <year of pub>, Yoast BV - support@yoast.com

Blog posts

All the blog posts on this site, unless otherwise specified, are created by Yoast employees and Yoast holds the full copyright. Reproducing them without permission is therefore prohibited. If you want to use (one of) those blog posts please ask permission by emailing us at ask – at – yoast.com. Of course you can quote liberally, as long as you link back to the original source.


Unless otherwise specified, the illustrations on our site are made by our own team of illustrators. We hold the copyright to those illustrations. Reproducing them without permission is therefore prohibited. If you want to use those illustrations please ask permission by emailing us at ask – at – yoast.com.