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In this blog WordPress Core team members share their latest findings, awesome projects and everything worth knowing about WordPress and its lovely community.

What is it like to contribute to WordPress full-time? In this post, Justin Ahinon talks about the challenges and how he grew into the role.

With the release of WordPress 5.9 approaching, the team is hard at work, making sure everything is prepared for the launch!

The release of WordPress 5.9 is almost here and our WordPress Core team is working hard on their contributions to this release!

WordPress SEO posts

Of course we’ve been writing about WordPress & SEO on our SEO blog for a long time, find those posts here:

An auto-playing background video is a popular feature for many websites. Learn how you can optimize a background video in WordPress!

Blogging is a great SEO and marketing strategy. In this article, I'll share tips on how to start a blog and make it a success.

What a year it has been! In this post, we look back at a wonderfully exciting 2021 for both the company and our products. Care to join us?

Who is writing these WordPress core posts?

This is the team that is (writing about) contributing to WordPress core at Yoast.