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In this blog WordPress Core team members share their latest findings, awesome projects and everything worth knowing about WordPress and its lovely community.

A week with us: Preparing for Q4 and contributor day »

This week, the WordPress core team was planning for the final quarter of the year, and... for the upcoming Yoast contributor day!

A week with us: Q4 is around the corner »

This week, read about what the WordPress core team within Yoast has been up to now that holidays are mostly over, and Q4 is fast approaching!

A week with us: getting ready for WordPress 5.9 »

This week a lot of contributors to the WordPress open source project are coming back to work after the summer holidays. The WordPress Core team is busy, as usual, and excited to tackle yet another release of, which is shaping up to be exciting in multiple areas. Let’s see what everyone has worked on […]

WordPress SEO posts

Of course we’ve been writing about WordPress & SEO on our SEO blog for a long time, find those posts here:

Meet our 2021 Yoast Diversity fund recipients! »

Find out about the good work we're supporting! Get to know the inspiring people and projects our Yoast Diversity fund is sponsoring in 2021.

Write great product descriptions with WooCommerce SEO »

Find out how WooCommerce SEO can help you improve the product descriptions on your online store. Check its new product-specific analyses!

WooCommerce SEO 14.4: a product-specific SEO analysis »

WooCommerce SEO 14.4 by Yoast is out today. This release features an updated analysis focused on improving product descriptions.

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This is the team that is (writing about) contributing to WordPress core at Yoast.