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In this blog WordPress Core team members share their latest findings, awesome projects and everything worth knowing about WordPress and its lovely community.

In April, we started working on WordPress 6.3 by refining some of our long-running projects such as the SQLite database proposal, among other things. Read on to learn more! Our monthly updates Carolina Documentation I spent the beginning of the month working on the WordPress 6.2 end-user documentation, updating and creating new articles. Most of […]

This past month, the team worked on WordPress 6.2, which was released on March 29. We also started a project to improve how attachment pages are used. Our monthly updates Carolina Gutenberg and Core In March, I focused on the WordPress 6.2 release by testing the release candidates and doing follow-ups.I continued resolving problems with […]

In February, we moved forward with some of our long-running projects. We worked on the SQLite database proposal, forms and details/summary blocks, PHP autoloader for WordPress core, updating documentation for themes, improving translatable strings in Gutenberg, and addressing coding standards issues in core, among other things. Read on to learn more! Our monthly updates Ari […]

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Of course we’ve been writing about WordPress & SEO on our SEO blog for a long time, find those posts here:

WordPress is two decades old! A time for celebration, with a look back at WordPress at 20 and Yoast's involvement in that history.

Our favourite CMS WordPress is turning 20 years old and this feels like the perfect occasion to express our undying love!

At CloudFest Hackathon 2023, the Eco-mode project was born. This project focuses on reducing the energy consumption of WordPress sites!

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This is the team that is (writing about) contributing to WordPress core at Yoast.