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5 things you need to know about mobile-first indexing

20 June 2018 by Marieke van de Rakt

As you might know, Google is rolling out mobile-first indexing as we speak. But what does that mean for your ranking? Should you be worried? Should you do anything? Last week, Google explained a bit more about mobile-first indexing. In this post, I’ll talk you through five things you need to know about mobile-first indexing. …

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Update or delete old content on your site

You should update or delete old content on your site that has become irrelevant over time. It really doesn’t matter if that is due to new insights or truths that align better with your current business, or because you, for instance, stopped selling that specific service. Consider it spring cleaning. Update or even just get rid …

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Keep or delete old content

Ask Yoast: Redirect responsive pages to AMP pages?

18 June 2018 by Joost de Valk - 4 Comments

A few years ago, Google announced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, and it’s becoming increasingly important for all kinds of websites. AMP is a technology to make webpages faster on mobile devices, improving loading times by stripping some of the design. Initially, AMP was mainly relevant for static content, like blogposts or news articles, …

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The context of internal links

Internal linking should be one of the key focus points in your SEO strategy. It’s my favorite aspect of SEO because it’s so very actionable. The Yoast SEO Premium plugin helps you set up a great internal linking structure very easily. And now, you get a 15% discount on the Yoast SEO Premium plugin! So …

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Yoast’s WordCamp Europe sale: Taco’s personal favorites

13 June 2018 by Taco Verdonschot - 2 Comments

At the moment, members of team Yoast are enjoying WordCamp Europe in Belgrade, and we want to celebrate that awesome event together with all of you! Which is why we’re having a sale during WordCamp Europe: you can now save 10% on any Yoast product or Academy course! And there is even a 15% discount on …

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Caroline’s Corner: My blog planning habits

13 June 2018 by Caroline Geven - 12 Comments

If there’s one thing I’m known for among my colleagues, it’s for my obsession with notebooks and planners. I have not one, but a total of three planners in my bag. Three, ladies and gentlemen. Is this insane? Yes, it is. Is it too much? No, you can never have too many planners. And oh …

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Caroline's Corner

Annelieke’s Analytics: Email performance in Google Analytics

Oh, the wonders of email marketing. It can keep your audience up-to-date whilst hopefully resulting in an increase in sales. But how do you measure the efforts of email marketing? Google Analytics can give you insight into how much of your traffic is generated by email. It’s an interesting tool that can break down the …

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