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Is Facebook evil? Aren’t we all?

18 April 2018 by Marieke van de Rakt - 11 Comments

Last week was all about Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing. There’s no point in denying that Facebook gathers lots and lots of data about individual users. That being said, all kinds of companies and governmental organizations are more than willing to use that data to have successful Facebook campaigns. So, is Facebook evil for gathering that data? …

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Category: Social Media

Yoast SEO 7.3: Import all the things

17 April 2018 by Edwin Toonen - 2 Comments

Two weeks ago, Yoast SEO 7.2 brought a solid update to the import features of the plugin. In Yoast SEO 7.3, we’ve expanded this improved importer with a slew of newly supported plugins you can import your data from. Find out which plugins we support in this post. But of course, there’s more! Importing from …

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Yoast SEO 7.3

SEO basics: What is keyword research?

16 April 2018 by Michiel Heijmans - 13 Comments

Keyword research is your first step in optimizing your website for certain keywords. Without keyword research, you might find yourself lost in your own lingo and battling giants in your industry that can’t be beaten in the search result pages just like that. There is a variety of factors you have to take into account when …

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What is keyword research?

Ask Yoast: Optimizing for audio podcasts

13 April 2018 by Joost de Valk - 9 Comments

Podcasts are a popular medium these days, as a great, relatively low-cost way to engage with your audience. You can make a podcast about every subject imaginable: science, health, arts & culture, family life, news and technology, to name but a few possibilities. At Yoast, for example, the Yoast academy team releases an internal podcast …

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Category: Content SEO
ask yoast - podcast SEO

On Google’s related entities patent: Write awesome posts!

12 April 2018 by Marieke van de Rakt - 12 Comments

Perhaps you’ve read about the related entities patent which was recently granted to Google, or perhaps you haven’t yet. You should read Dave Davies post about it on Search Engine Land and find out more about it. The related entities patent gives us valuable insights into how Google identifies relationships between content. So, in this …

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Annelieke’s Analytics: What are sessions in Google Analytics?

10 April 2018 by Annelieke van den Berg - 13 Comments

I remember my first time in Google Analytics. As a data lover, I enthusiastically clicked my way through the numerous tabs. Seeing terms like sessions, pageviews, users, bounce rate and so on. Being so enthusiastic, I didn’t really think about what these terms actually mean. And that’s pretty important, because without knowing what Google Analytics’ definition of the term …

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Category: Analytics
sessions in google analytics