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Favicons and your online brand: Make sure you stand out!

20 September 2019 | 3 Comments | Michiel Heijmans

Favicons are those little icons you see in your browser tabs. When you have lots of open tabs in your browser it helps you recognize and find the page you were looking for. They are important for your branding, even more so, because Google recently decided to add them to the mobile search results. So, …

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Yoast SEO 12.1: Snippet preview updated

17 September 2019 | 6 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Yoast SEO 12.1 is out today! It features a couple of changes in order to match the design of Google’s search results pages, this includes those shiny new favicons. In addition to this, we added a number of new filters for our Schema implementation. See what else is new in the latest release of your …

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Gutenberg block editor improvements, and integrating plugins

16 September 2019 | Remkus de Vries

Today’s WordPress Watch has a strong focus on the Gutenberg block editor. Two different tweets prompted me to focus on what you can do with the editor a bit more. We’ll discuss improvements to the editor, as well as useful plugins that integrate with the block editor, so I hope you enjoy this edition. Don’t …

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Yoast SEO: don’t just set it and forget it!

13 September 2019 | 5 Comments | Marieke van de Rakt

Some of the things Yoast SEO does are pure magic. Lots of things are just taken care of after you’ve installed the plugin. You don’t have to do anything about that. Simply installing Yoast SEO will fix a lot of important technical SEO things for you. The content side of SEO, though, is something you …

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How to change your favicon in WordPress: a step-by-step guide

12 September 2019 | 7 Comments | Joost de Valk

Have you seen that icon in the search results in front of your website’s URL? It’s visible for most people in mobile results now. So, no excuses, your site needs a good favicon. Luckily, setting a favicon in WordPress is very easy. Here we’ll explain how to change the favicon of your WordPress site! We’ve …

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Holistic SEO: Improve every aspect of your website

11 September 2019 | 2 Comments | Willemien Hallebeek

At Yoast, we try to combat the notion that SEO is just a trick. While tricks might get you ranked quickly, they usually don’t work in the long run, and they might even backfire. Permanently ranking well in Google demands an extensive SEO strategy focused on every aspect of your website; the technical stuff, the …

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What is user testing and why should you do it?

10 September 2019 | 3 Comments | Meike Hendriks

Watching your (potential) clients use your website or use your products can give you plenty of new insights. Seeing how they navigate, search or click your site can give you information you wouldn’t get out of just analyzing your data. And, as you know your product inside out, you might have developed some blind spots. …

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Content areas in Gutenberg, Twenty Twenty update and Elementor integration

9 September 2019 | 2 Comments | Remkus de Vries

It’s Monday, time for a fresh WordPress Watch. We’ve got more news on Twenty Twenty in WordPress 5.3 and there’s an update on what’s going to be the next big focus of the Gutenberg project. There’s also exciting news about the integration of two different solutions. Let’s get to it! Twenty Twenty! Last week it …

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