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Edwin is an experienced writer, editor & content manager. Before joining Yoast, he spent years honing his skill at The Netherlands’ leading web design magazine.

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In 2006, after working full time in a bookshop for many years, I made a bold decision: I went back to school. I wanted to combine my love for writing with the lure of the internet and picked Digital Communication at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem to achieve that. Four years later I graduated with honors.

In the meantime, I started working for The Netherlands’ largest monthly magazine on web design and development. In my role as a managing editor, I wrote, edited and translated hundreds of articles on this fascinating subject. In addition to that, I made sure the day-to-day operations of the magazine went all according to plan.

At Yoast, I do much of the same work, except on a bigger scale. As a content manager, I am responsible for delivering quality content in an engaging and optimal way.

In my spare time, I love rocking my 1972 Fender Precision bass with my band (Every Other Me), fiddling about with synthesizers, listening to music, watching an endless stream of – classic – movies, taking long hikes and enjoying life with my sons and girlfriend.


Yoast SEO 15.1: Keyword research with SEMrush

14 October 2020 | 37 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get keyword data while working on your content in Yoast SEO? Well, we asked ourselves that same question and now we have an answer! Yes, you can now find related keyphrases inside the post editor. And it’s not any old data — no, it’s powered by our good […]

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How to build Google Web Stories in WordPress

8 October 2020 | 36 Comments | Edwin Toonen

What do Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories and Twitter Fleets have in common? They are all so-called social media implementations of the same stories idea. A story is a series of images or others types of content that belong together, and thus, tell a story. Visual storytelling is huge and now the web has […]

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Yoast SEO 15.0: Support for Arabic, plus a new table of contents block

29 September 2020 | 91 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Today, we’re launching Yoast SEO 15.0. This release features some awesome new additions and enhancements. We’ve added full support for Arabic, made a new block for the block editor and made the Yoast SEO block editor sidebar fully-featured. So, high time to take a look at Yoast SEO 15.0! What to expect in Yoast SEO […]

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How to add HowTo Schema using Yoast SEO blocks

7 September 2020 | 16 Comments | Edwin Toonen

You might know that structured data in the form of Schema.org can do wonders for your search results. It also forms the basis for an ever-increasing amount of new and exciting developments on the search engine front. Google has said many times that structured data is beneficial. Today, we’re going to look at an exciting […]

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Yoast SEO 14.9: Polish word forms, Hebrew keyphrase recognition

1 September 2020 | 135 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Yoast SEO 14.9 comes with a new round of improvements, plus two new language-based enhancements: Polish word form support in Premium and Hebrew keyphrase recognition in Free. Polish is the tenth language to get word form support and there’s a lot more coming. Let’s get started, shall we? Word forms in Yoast SEO Premium: now […]

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What is a static WordPress site? Why would you want one?

24 August 2020 | 8 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Static websites? Isn’t that old-school? In the early days of the web, all websites were static. Today, turning your dynamic WordPress site into a high-performing static one might be a viable option for you. Visitors get a super-fast browsing experience, while content managers continue to use the WordPress authoring experience and plugin ecosystem. Hackers have […]

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