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We are always improving our Yoast SEO plugin! From smaller fixes and enhancements to big releases, here you can find all of the software releases and updates. Or do you want to know more about Yoast SEO? Or Yoast SEO Premium? We’ve got you covered!

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Yoast SEO 12.8: Fixes and enhancements

7 January 2020 | 24 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Welcome to another year of helping you achieve your goals with your site! Today, it’s time for the first in a long line of releases planned for 2020: Yoast SEO 12.8. In this release, you’ll find a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Let’s get to it! Enhancements A while ago, a developer called …

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Yoast SEO 12.7: Cleaning up and fixing bugs

10 December 2019 | 16 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Yoast SEO 12.7 is out today — signaling the last release of 2019. This release is all about cleaning up and fixing bugs. Since we have a two-week release schedule, we can quickly respond to any bug we might find. In this post, you’ll find out more about this release. Plus, you can get Yoast …

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Yoast SEO 12.6: Getting help in the plugin is now easier

26 November 2019 | 8 Comments | Edwin Toonen

In Yoast SEO 12.6, we’re activating our new beacon for help documentation. This tool helps answer the questions you might have about using Yoast SEO. It’s easy to use and very friendly. Just hit that big purple question mark and search! Other improvements in Yoast SEO 12.6 includes a number of fixes and enhancements. Read …

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Yoast SEO 12.5: Behind the scenes improvements

13 November 2019 | 12 Comments | Edwin Toonen

These last couple of months here at Yoast SEO HQ have all been about building better things. Behind the scenes, we’re making good progress at getting our flagship plugins ready for the future. While we’re busy building the future, we also stick to our regular two-week release schedule, which means it’s time to introduce Yoast …

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Yoast SEO 12.4: Image in snippet preview

29 October 2019 | 21 Comments | Edwin Toonen

After releasing several updates to our snippet preview in previous releases, Yoast SEO 12.4 now shows an image for your post in the mobile snippet preview, just like Google would. We have several other improvements and fixes for you in store with Yoast SEO 12.4. Find out more! Featured image in the mobile snippet preview …

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Yoast SEO 12.3: Transition words in Hungarian

15 October 2019 | 4 Comments | Edwin Toonen

While some of our checks are independent of languages, Yoast SEO has special skills to adapt the various content analyses to different languages from around the world. In Yoast SEO 12.3, we’re taking the first steps to add another language to the list: Hungarian. In addition, this release features a number of enhancement and fixes. …

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Yoast SEO 12.2: Fixes, improvements and more

1 October 2019 | 7 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Yoast SEO 12.2 is a release full of the regular bug fixes and enhancements, but also a new addition to meta robots. Last week, Google announced a new way to give publishers more control over what the search engine can show in the results. This change, however, seems not driven by customer demand, but rather …

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Yoast SEO 12.1: Snippet preview updated

17 September 2019 | 10 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Yoast SEO 12.1 is out today! It features a couple of changes in order to match the design of Google’s search results pages, this includes those shiny new favicons. In addition to this, we added a number of new filters for our Schema implementation. See what else is new in the latest release of your …

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Yoast SEO 12.0: UX improvements and new Portuguese checks

3 September 2019 | 37 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Contrary to what the version number might suggest, Yoast SEO 12.0 isn’t a huge release. It’s simply the next release in our current release schedule, but after hitting 11.9 a couple of weeks ago we had no choice but to go for 12.0 ;). That’s how it goes! But don’t worry, there’s enough interesting stuff …

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Yoast SEO 11.9: More fixes and enhancements

20 August 2019 | 38 Comments | Caroline Geven

Are you ready for another exciting release to round up the Yoast SEO 11 cycle? Because we are! In Yoast SEO 11.9, we have improvements for Schema and security, we have bug fixes and updates for Local and News SEO! Improving Schema once again With the closing of the Yoast SEO 11 releases we’ve yet …

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