SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization can be a somewhat overwhelming subject. There are so many aspects that influence the ranking of your website in the search engines. On top of that SEOs tend to use quite some jargon, especially on topics like analytics, technical SEO and WordPress.

We’d like to make SEO understandable for everyone! That’s why we’ve created this SEO basics category. If you read the posts in this category you’ll find out how Google works, what crawlability is and we’ll introduce you to some SEO and WordPress terminology, like slugs. On top of that we’ll explain in layman’s language how to improve the SEO of your website, for example, your mobile site.

An introduction

What is SEO? An explanation for beginners »

What is SEO? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It's the practice of optimizing your web pages to make them reach a high position in Google.

A more extensive guide

Complete beginner's guide to SEO »

To a beginner, SEO seems like a black box. Now, in this beginner's guide to SEO we're opening that black box for you. Read on!

Must read articles about SEO Basics

  • What does Google do? »

    How does SEO work? What does Google do exactly? In this article, we explain everything you need to know in a clear and comprehensive way!

  • How to start a blog »

    Blogging is a great SEO and marketing strategy. In this article, I'll share tips on how to start a blog and make it a success.

  • Free SEO training: SEO for beginners »

    Our free SEO for beginners training helps you find out how to make your site rank higher. Want to learn from world renowned experts for free? No problem!

  • SEO tutorial for beginners: How to start with SEO? »

    You've just started a new site and you want visitors to find you. So how do you start with SEO? Let's look at 7 steps to get you on track!

Recent SEO Basics articles

What is search intent and why is it important for SEO? »

When writing copy for your site you shouldn't just do keyword research. You should also consider search intent. But what exactly is it?

Featured image search intent

What is a keyword? »

What is a keyword? Why are they important? And, how should you use them? Get started with the SEO basics in our easy-to-understand guide.

What is crawlability? »

What is crawlability? In what ways could you block Google from crawling (parts of your) site? Why is crawlability important for SEO?

what is crawlability
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