The site structure of a growing blog

12 November 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt »

Managing the structure a growing blog

It is never easy to set up a new blog. It can take quite some time to get picked up by the search engines. Nevertheless, as your blog starts to grow, you’ll probably face new SEO problems. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll discuss some of the difficulties you might encounter as your blog really starts to grow. »

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Blog SEO: make people stay and read your post

29 September 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 9 Comments


When you succeed in getting visitors to one of your blogpost, you want them to stay and read your stuff. Readers (and especially first time visiting readers) are bored really quickly. You should grab their attention extremely fast and help them to understand the main message of your blog. In this post, I will give five »

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Blog SEO: befriend the long tail!

16 September 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 19 Comments

long tail keywords

Focussing on long tail keywords is a great SEO-tactic for blogs. A long tail keyword strategy makes it easy to keep the structure of your blog in good shape. Also, it allows you to gradually get more traffic and to be found by new and motivated audiences. In this second post about blog SEO (read my »

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Blog SEO: add categories to your blog!

8 September 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 27 Comments


If you write an amazing blog post, you’d like it to help in the ranking of your site, right? If you create awesome content, you’d like people to read it now and be able to find it and read it later. Also, you want new visitors on your site to read some of your older blog »

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10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post


Writing a blog post -like all other writing- is a skill. In order to keep your reader interested, you should think about structuring your text and writing in an appealing style. You should help your readers to grasp the main idea of your post by providing headings, subheadings and clear paragraphs. If people understand and »

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Optimizing WordPress database performance

30 March 2009 by Joost de Valk » - 71 Comments

I’ve been working with a plugin that was mentioned on the wp-hackers list last week, called debug queries, to optimize the performance on some of my sites, including this one. The plugin was pretty easy to use, and I’ve improved a bit on it. I’ve sent the patch to Frank, who authored the original plugin, »

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Interview with Todd Garland of BuySellAds

30 January 2009 by Joost de Valk » - 20 Comments

I’ve recently switched from selling my ads directly to having BuySellAds take care of it, and it’s been an absolutely awesome experience. As a result of that experience, I do not agree with Chris Brogan yet that advertising is completely broken, but it does need a good level of reinvention. So, to introduce you to »

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2009 will rock!

2 January 2009 by Joost de Valk » - 24 Comments

First of all, thank you all for being a reader of this blog for the past year, and I wish you all the best for 2009! While last year was in many ways a very successful year, this year promises to be even better. While I’ve got a few ideas of my own for new »

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Your homepage: your blogs showcase

6 November 2008 by Joost de Valk » - 27 Comments

When you get to a blog you’ve never visited before, through a search, a listing on a social network site or a link on another blog, what kind of page do you land up on? Usually, it’ll be an article page. You’ll read the article, and decide, based on that article and the other info »

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6 Serious Questions for Serious Bloggers

9 October 2008 by Joost de Valk » - 14 Comments

While it’s a hobby for a lot of people, for more and more people, blogging is serious business too. Are you serious about your blog(s) and blogging? Maybe you’re even making a good income out of it? If so, you’d better make sure you can answer yes to all of the following questions: 1. Do »

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