SEO copywriting training

  • Online lessons that make you write awesome copy that ranks.
  • In just 6 to 8 hours you’ll cover all necessary steps from picking your focus keyword to publishing.
  • You’ll end up with a ready-to-publish blogpost.
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Full-impact SEO copywriting training

Would you like to rank higher in Google? Then you’ll need web texts that are well-written and optimized for search engines. And that’s hard – if you don’t know how to do it. Fortunately, we break it down for you step by step in Yoast SEO academy! After taking our SEO copywriting training

  • Your texts will be a breeze to read for readers and search engines alike;
  • Your copy will hook visitors from Google and keep them engaged to the very end;
  • Your content will be unique, well-structured and on point; exactly what the search engines need to rank your page.
  • You’ll know what to write about to attract more readers.

Bottom line: You’ll stop missing out on a lot of potential visitors. After applying everything you have learned in the lessons, your pages will be ready to rank higher. 

What topics are covered in this SEO copywriting training?

Yoast SEO academy features 6 SEO copywriting modules, covering all steps to create awesome copy that ranks. It’s thorough, but sliced into bite-size chunks:

  1. Introduction to SEO copywriting: Do you think that you are already paying enough attention to copy? You’re probably not. It’s hard to overestimate the value of copy for higher rankings. You’ll learn why website copy is so important for SEO and how Google understands text.
  2. Find out what your audience wants to read: To attract readers, you need to know what they want to read. Keyword research will help you determine what you could rank for and therefore what to write about. Stop guessing. Start learning the basics of keyword research yourself.
  3. Preparation is half the battle: We’ll help you structure your ideas and turn them into writing that makes sense and match the needs of your audience. This preparation makes the actual writing a lot easier and more effective!
  4. Write readable and unique copy: You’ll discover different methods to make your text readable and engaging. Storytellingtone of voice, persuasion, we cover it all.  The result: your readers get to the end of every page (and to your call to action) without any effort. And they’ll be more likely to share your content with others as well.
  5. The finishing touch: We’ll provide you with some tips and tricks on how to find and improve mistakes or misspellings you might have made while writing. After this, it’s time to further optimize your text for search engines. We’ll explain the principles and you’ll see why our (free) Yoast SEO plugin makes this super easy.
  6. Publishing your content: we help you reach your audience by showing you how and where to share it, and to optimize that process as well.
  7. Bonus: use our step-by-step template to write the optimal SEO blog post!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our Yoast SEO academy subscription helps you optimize all aspects of SEO. Want to know what articles your readers are dying to read? Use our keyword research training to come up with your very own content strategy. Want to shine more light on the gems you’ve written after these SEO copywriting lessons? Use our site structure lessons to lay out the red carpet for your readers and the search engines!

“Why can’t I just watch some free YouTube videos?”

Oh, you can. If you have that much spare time, feel free to watch all 41,600 videos on SEO copywriting that YouTube has to offer. Or … save your time for the actual writing. And relax, knowing an expert has compiled all relevant tips for you.

Free YouTube videos:

Yoast SEO academy SEO copywriting training:

You get lost in a maze of would-be SEO experts Yoast is 1 of the most reputable SEO specialists in the world
One video contradicts another. How do you know what advice to follow? Trust our proven track record. Brands such as Facebook, eBay and The Guardian rely on us for SEO advice.
Good luck trying to watch all of those YouTube videos 1 Yoast SEO copywriting course tells you all you need to know about writing for Google. We filter the clutter
So you’ve stumbled your way through a minefield of writing tips.
Bad luck: there’s still a hundred other SEO things to discover
One goal, one story: Yoast SEO academy lays out the road towards great SEO in every respect

For the SEO writing nitwit or the already-genius?

Yoast SEO academy is there for everyone. Whether you’ve just started blogging, or are an experienced writer trying to improve your SEO chops, we have the tips to take you to the next level. Over 160,000 students have enrolled in Yoast Academy before you. Some of them newbies. Some of them experts. All of them learned tons thanks to our courses. Read what they have to say about our SEO copywriting training:

Great to start:

Great to dig deeper:

“In-depth course training – you can start learning some great insights right away that you can apply to your website.”

TD Bauer

“If you want to really take your online writing skills to the next level and save time finding training sources, odds are you’re going to get value from this course.” Jay Neill

Use your SEO writing skills in any language

All of the material in this SEO copywriting course is in English. But of course, SEO copywriting principles are the same for all languages.

You’ll get all of the SEO writing experience we’ve acquired in more than 10 years – in 1 course. You get access for a whole year to our top-notch course content:

  • 9 SEO courses, including SEO copywriting, Site structure and Keyword research
  • 2 hours of instructional videos on SEO copywriting, sliced into 23 bite-sized clips
  • 14 SEO copywriting quizzes to train what you’ve learned

You end up with:

  • A ready-to-publish text for your own website
  • A list of relevant keywords for your website

You can dig deeper into topics you want to know more about, thanks to:

  • 14 SEO copywriting PDF files so you can easily check the tips again while writing

Want to prove your skills to your clients or boss? After completing the training, you’ll get an SEO copywriting badge and certificate.

Get an SEO copywriting training certificate

It’s nice to prove your skills to others: clients, competitors … After coseo copywriting trainingmpleting this SEO copywriting course, you’ll receive a certificate. It’ll be personalized with your name and date of completion. On top of that, you’ll get an SEO copywriting certification badge, like the one on the right, to show on your site.

How much time do I need for this SEO writing course?

On average, students spend about 8 hours on this SEO copywriting course. That’s all in: reading, watching, and writing your own blog post. But of course, you choose your own pace. It’s an online course and you get a whole year of access. So you can take it more at ease or as fast as you like: it’s up to you! And even after completing all the modules, you can go back to any module you’d like to check again.

Not sure yet? Take some free lessons!

You can take free trial lessons of all our courses. The SEO copywriting course actually features four free trial lessons! Take these actual course lessons to see whether the training is for you, no strings attached!