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Carole Olinger

Carole is a Partner Manager at Yoast, leveraging her extensive WordPress industry experience to forge new partnerships and drive growth. With a background spanning roles in leading WebOps platforms and renowned agencies, she is equally passionate about advancing marketing strategies. Carole is also the driving force behind the CloudFest Hackathon and a strong advocate for diversity, inclusion, and mental health in tech.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Carole initially worked for an international bank before managing teams for various ministries of the Luxembourg government for 12 years.

In 2014, she embarked on a transformative journey, leaving her homeland and old career path behind to move to Germany. During a four-year sabbatical, she became a certified dog health trainer and founded a nonprofit organization in Luxembourg dedicated to helping women affected by lipedema disease receive proper care and treatment.

In 2016, Carole discovered the dynamic WordPress community, unlocking a world of possibilities in remote and distributed work environments. Her journey began with volunteering at WordCamps, quickly evolving into roles as an organizer and speaker. Carole remains passionate about fostering sustainable sponsorships and advocating for diversity, inclusion, and positive mental health within the WordPress community and the broader industry.

Since 2017, Carole has collaborated with various companies in the WordPress ecosystem, including Plesk, a leading WebOps hosting platform, and XWP, a renowned WordPress agency focused on enterprise clients. Her focus on marketing includes building brands from the ground up, amplifying brand awareness at events and on social media, attracting top talent, organizing numerous events, and creating mutually beneficial opportunities within the WordPress sphere.

Based in rural Germany, Carole contributes to Yoast’s mission of forming valuable partnerships. She does so while embracing a partially digital nomadic lifestyle, exploring the world alongside her husband and cherished companion, #BuffyTheDog. Carole brings a wealth of experience and a passion for positive change to the Yoast team, solidifying her role as a dynamic force in the WordPress community and the tech industry at large.