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Carole Olinger

Passionate about taking team culture and recruitment marketing at Yoast to the next level. Advocating for diversity, inclusion, and positive mental health in the tech industry. WordCamp organizer, speaker, and volunteer. Loves and partially lives the digital nomad lifestyle together with her husband and #BuffyTheDog.

Carole was born and raised in Luxembourg, where she first worked for an international bank, then managed teams for various ministries of the Luxembourg government for 12 years.

In 2014, she decided to leave her old career path – and her home country by moving to Germany – and took a four-year sabbatical to explore more fulfilling and enjoyable future professional challenges. She became a certified dog health trainer and founded a nonprofit organization in Luxembourg that successfully helps women affected by lipedema disease receive proper care and treatment.

In 2016, she found the inspiring WordPress community and discovered seemingly endless possibilities in remote and distributed working environments.
She began volunteering at the second WordCamp she attended then quickly became an organizer and speaker.
She was and still is passionate about creating more sustainable sponsorships and advocating for more diversity, inclusion, and positive mental health in the WordPress community and industry.

Since 2017, Carole has worked with several companies in the WordPress ecosphere, including Plesk, a leading WebOps hosting platform, and XWP, a renowned WordPress agency focused on enterprise clients.
Carole has been focusing on marketing by building brands from scratch – including her personal brand, significantly increasing positive brand awareness during events and on social media, helping bringing on board outstanding talent, organizing numerous events, and creating many win-win opportunities in the WordPress ecosphere.
Until today, she is the proud “Head of CloudFest Hackathon,” the open source part of CloudFest, the largest event in the cloud industry.

In a changing professional environment that is increasingly shifting towards remote and distributed working, Carole’s goal within the HR team is to help Yoast navigate the new challenges this may bring, while ensuring new opportunities are seized by finding and bringing on board the best possible and most diverse talent around the world and helping them grow and thrive to build long-term and sustainable professional relationships.
She will bring her years of experience with distributed and remote teams, as well as her valuable expertise and communication skills, to strengthen our internal community at Yoast while ensuring our hybrid model of local and decentralized talent is set up for success.

WordCamp Germany 2023

October 19 - 21, 2023
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WordCamp Germany 2023 will gather WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, bloggers, and business owners! Join the event for three exciting days of inspiration, learning, and networking. On day 1, the organizers planned to have a Contributor day. On days 2 & 3 you’ll have a chance to attend various expert talks, visit sponsor booths and network […] Read about WordCamp Germany 2023 »

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