More tools in Yoast SEO for even better SEO results

Yoast SEO (Premium) comes with many features that can quickly help you get the best SEO for your website. But, although we do a lot, we want to do even more. So, we integrated some other useful tools into our plugin to help you save time, increase the quality of your content and improve your site’s rankings!


Track your rankings through time

Keep an eye on how your content ranks by connecting to your Wincher account. Then, make informed improvements and increase your rankings!

Do keyword research without leaving your post

Find out what your audience is searching for with Semrush in the Yoast SEO sidebar. Click a button, and get relevant keyphrases to make your content easy to find!

Upgrade your workflow and automate tasks

Don’t waste time – save it! Automate repetitive tasks like sending tweets, triggering emails, and integrate with over 5,000 other apps & tools.

Integrate your custom fields and SEO data

Use ACF fields to power your meta tags and templates, and analyze all of your content.

Improve internal search results

Connect your Algolia account to improve your site’s search results using Yoast SEO data.

Make your terms & privacy pages more trustworthy

Prove that you got nothing to hide! Use the power of the blockchain to timestamp your content with WordProof!

Get the most out of Jetpack and Yoast, together

Upgrade your meta tags and social previews and manage your SEO settings in one place.

Yoast SEO integrates Easy Digital Downloads’ Schema output into its own to get rich snippets for your digital products!

Verify your site on Mastodon

Add trustworthiness to your Mastodon profile by verifying your site with Yoast SEO Premium.

Unlock these integrations and more in Yoast SEO Premium

Get all the benefits of these inegrations and much more for your site with the Yoast SEO Premium plugin!

Get Yoast SEO Premium Only $99 USD / year (ex VAT)