What is the Semrush integration?

Yoast SEO is all about helping you get the best out of your website. So, we partnered with one of the leading online visibility management and content marketing platforms – Semrush. Together, we’ve built an integration that will make your keyword research quests easier! In just a few clicks, it enables you to find related high-performing keywords and keyphrase insights right in the WordPress editor and write relevant high-quality content!

Finding relevant keywords made easy!

  • Finding and using high-performing keywords will get your content to rank
  • Your content will get all it needs for excellent performance in the search results
  • The related keywords will give you fruitful new ideas to improve your content with
A screenshot of the SEMrush related keyphrase overlay window

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To get the most out of this feature, you need Yoast SEO Premium! It lets you search and add up to five additional keyphrases, which the plugin considers in its SEO analysis! It will help you write more engaging content that readers enjoy and search engines understand!

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 Why do I need Semrush in Yoast SEO?

Whether you are new to SEO or not, chances are you have heard about keyword research. It requires you to find high-performing keywords and use them in your content in order to rank. What is your experience with it? Is it something that comes easy, or does the sound of the words “keyword research” intimidate you? Have you ever struggled to find the time and resources to research your keywords?

We integrated Semrush’s extensive keyword database into Yoast SEO free and Premium to give our users the much-needed support in their keyword research journeys. With this feature, you get keyword suggestions by clicking one button in the Yoast SEO sidebar. It will help you write more relevant and useful content. And we all know what that brings – happy visitors and improved rankings!

You will write engaging content that focuses on multiple relevant keywords in your own language

Focusing on a single keyword can make your content dull and repetitive. Great content approaches a topic from multiple angles. Sometimes, that can mean including various related keywords. Yoast SEO saves you time and energy by letting you easily find insights on high-performing keywords. With just one click, you can discover how specific keywords perform in search engines and what their search volume and trends are. The feature is available for all the countries that Semrush covers. This means you’ll have access to keyphrase data for more than 100 countries!

With the knowledge you get from the keyword insights, you can write content that is relevant, exciting, and full of useful information!

Your content will get all it needs for excellent performance in the search results

If you use Yoast SEO Premium with the Semrush keyword research tool, you will be able to find and add high-performing keywords to your text with a simple click of the button. If that doesn’t sound so spectacular, wait until you hear the next bit. Yoast SEO then immediately analyses your use of the additional keyphrase and gives you real-time SEO feedback on it. It will help you a great deal in getting your SEO thoroughly polished!

Finding and using high-performing keywords will get your content to rank

Knowing what keywords perform well, in what country, in what language, and with which audience can be a potent tool. You will be able to focus your efforts and write content that matches your user’s needs. No more going by your gut. The data will be right there for you to use to your advantage.

The related keywords will give you fruitful new ideas to improve your content with

The keyword research tool can not only help you improve your existing content, but it can also be a powerful inspiration tool. Check out the keywords people are searching for. You may find some fruitful opportunities for new content there. Reap those fruits and start typing your new exciting content!

How does it work?

Watch the video to learn all about connecting your Semrush account to Yoast SEO and find high-performance keywords for your content!

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