What is the Wincher integration?

Together with Wincher, we’ve built an integration that will make it easier to track your SEO performance. With just a few clicks you see if your content is ranking for the keywords you want to rank for.

Are your SEO efforts paying off?

  • Track your progress in Google's search results
  • Easily check if your SEO optimizing is helping you rank
  • Get insights in how your posts rank over time

Upgrade your Wincher plan and track up to 10.000 keywords!

Check if you’re SEO efforts are paying off! Get daily ranking updates and track up to 10.000 keywords for unlimited websites.

Why do I need Wincher in Yoast SEO?

For many people, the goal is to rank high in Google to attract as many visitors as possible to their website. This feature is unmissable for everyone who wants to know if they are achieving that goal.

Yoast SEO combined with the Wincher integration is the ultimate tool to track how your content is doing for specific keyphrases, to see if your SEO efforts are paying off, and to find optimization opportunities. It quickly helps you by giving insights into your rankings and showing which competitors are ranking above you.

Track if your content is rising in Google

Optimizing for SEO is hard work, costs time, and can be difficult. The Wincher tool in Yoast SEO gives you a clear insight into your SEO rankings in Google and if your hard work paid off.

Improve your content strategy

Depending on your content strategy, you might want to spend time getting a blog post from place 2 to place 1 in Google. Or spend time improving a blog that is in place 50. With the Wincher tool, you immediately discover how your content is ranking and know what content you should work on.

Get a dashboard that shows your progress

With the dashboard in Yoast SEO, you quickly get an overview of how all your content and keyphrases are ranking in Google. So that you immediately know if your optimizations are paying off or that you need to take more action!

What is the difference between Yoast SEO free and premium?

You can use the Wincher integration with both Yoast SEO free and Premium, but there’s also a difference in if you have Wincher free or premium. In this table, you can find a clear overview of how you can use this feature with different combinations.

 Yoast SEO freeYoast SEO Premium
Wincher freeTrack 1 keyphrase per post, up to 5 keyphrases in totalTrack 5 keyphrases per post, up to 5 keyphrases in total
Wincher paid plan*Track 1 keyphrase per post, up to 500-10,000 keyphrases in totalTrack 5 keyphrases per post, up to 500-10,000 keyphrases in total
*Depending on your Wincher paying plan, you can track up to 500-10.000 keywords

Unlock the full potential of the Wincher integration in Yoast SEO Premium!

Immediately track how your content is ranking on all the keywords you want. And see how you’re are doing on multiple keywords per post with Yoast SEO Premium.

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