"I've subsribed to Yoast premium, follow their online tutorials and stared to implement their suggesions on my wordress site. There's so much to learn and it is easy to understand even without having a technical background. Their newletters provide me with further tips and I am confident that I'll be able to dispense with expensive SEO providers in the future. Yoast Premium turns out to be money well spent. Highly recommended!"

Stefan Oloffs  - German Language Coach
Yoast SEO

"Yoast SEO is one of our standard plugins that we provide to all of our customers at WP Munich. One of the reasons for that is the German word forms recognition. Having this feature is as natural as the language itself. Our customers love it!”

Hendrik Luehrsen  - WP Munich

"I have been using Yoast SEO plugin for a very long time. Being a Tech Support and a part time blogger I recommend every WordPress user to use Yoast SEO plugin for their blog or for their website. The plugin helps you to optimize your site and rank higher on Search Engines. It has some extra ordinary features which even a non-techie (Like me) can configure the plugin in minutes. I recommend Yoast SEO as it definitely helps in boosting my conversions."

Deekshit Nair  - TopWPBlog
Video Meet the people behind Yoast!
Yoast Premium

"The Yoast Premium “Internal Links Manager” really helped improve my clients' rankings for category pages on his online shop. Before we used Yoast SEO Premium, we had important keywords rank on either product or blog pages, which was not the intention. Using this very practical tool, we achieved clean link hygiene and made it very easy for Google to understand which pages to rank for which keyphrase. This feature can even be handled by users with low SEO experience - Really easy and effective!"

Christian Eichhorn  - SEO Monkey

Yoast has helped me by making it incredibly easy to optimize all my on-page elements on my WordPress site, to get me from 0 to a consistent 3,000 monthly page views. I couldn't have done it without you guys. On top of the effortless on-page optimization, Yoast has an incredibly thorough and in-depth content catalog on their website that has allowed me to learn so much about SEO.

Peter Conley  - Producer & Web Designer
Yoast SEO

I continue to be amazed at the thoroughness and usefulness of the information I receive when reaching out for help. I'm not a novice, but neither am I an expert, so when I've gone as far as I can to figure something out, I always reach out to Yoast to get things back to normal. What I also appreciate are the explanations of why the problem may have happened and how it was fixed so that in the future, I can apply that knowledge. I'm learning because of Yoast's customer service, and I appreciate your graciousness in sharing the in's and out's of using your program! I want you to know I highly recommend you to anyone looking for some SEO help - thanks again - I'm a customer for life!

Debbie Sharp  - Sharp Refinishing
Yoast SEO

I am thrilled beyond belief with Yoast's plugins; they have helped me reach number 1, yes that right NUMBER 1 for most search terms I have sought out on Google. Yes, I have to do a lot of work, but I follow the steps outlined, and over time, I'm ranking top on Google. I can't believe it, thank you, Yoast.

Geoff Wilkings  - Geoff Wilkings Photography
Yoast Support Team

I have been using Yoast for a few years now, With great results and value. Lately, my website has encountered some crazy problems. I requested help from Yoast, and the support team was extremely helpful, very friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable; there is no problem that they can get answers and solutions for. I found the Yoast support team’s attitude and dedication truly incredible and very rare. This should be the benchmark for this industry and other global organizations.

Hassan Iskandar  - Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy
SEO news webinar

The open, friendly atmosphere of these webinars is SO important. It's great to know that people actually care about the future of the Internet!

Dana  - RenaissanceMoon
SEO news webinar

I do not have enough time to gather informations about what is new within SEO topic. Your participants has the time and they know how to provide the news to the audience ;)

SEO news webinar

I like everything. Great information, great quality.

Sandra Kruijt  - Priorities (PPO)
SEO news webinar

I like the in-depth yet accessible coverage of important news topics, and the knowledgeable presenters. I love too the chemistry between them - makes the webinar very enjoyable as well as useful!

Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid  - Epanafero

At Kinsta, we know how important SEO is, so we use Yoast as our WordPress SEO plugin of choice to help manage everything from meta tags and redirects, to XML sitemaps. Yoast does a great job of simplifying tasks and guiding users to make the right choices when optimizing content. It’s easy to use and is accessible to all, from web developers and content editors, who may not have much experience with SEO, to seasoned experts, who rely on Yoast to manage the on-page SEO elements on our websites. Since Kinsta is a multilingual site available in 10 languages, we also love that Yoast is translated to serve these different regions, keeping our WordPress site languages consistent, which allows our site admins to understand everything, whichever language they’re working in.

Sam Gooch  - SEO Strategist at Kinsta
Yoast SEO for Shopify

Delighted with this app, I don't understand the bad reviews. I have been a user of Yoast SEO on WordPress for years and was waiting for it to be on Shopify. Now I can finally optimise the content as I always have, as SEO Yoast tells you in each article, page or product what elements you need to add to improve SEO. It has more options than the free version of WordPress (which was already more than enough for SEO work). As it should. I would like to add that it does not allow you to analyse the SEO of secondary languages, but this is not Yoast SEO's fault. Shopify doesn't have multi-language as well implemented as WordPress. But I was able to translate the homepage meta-data with Langify. Everything else is well translated with Langify. All in all, I'm happy and I still have a lot of optimisation work ahead of me, as the SEO app I had before in Shopify didn't give me (by far) the amount of guidelines that Yoast SEO does. By the way, the technical support is very attentive, and they solved some small doubts I had. They have only been with Shopify for a short time but it's clear that they're keen to keep improving. 5 stars.

Alberto Pérez  - Andromeda Moto
Yoast SEO for Shopify

I'm a big fan of Yoast on Wordpress and so happy to see it in the Shopify store. It works a lot like Yoast on Wordpress which is a good thing, I've tried many SEO apps for Shopify but this one is the best. Support is super fast answering within a few hours and even on weekends. I hope it helps with my SERP's, time will tell. But so far I like a lot what I see.

Tomer Nahumi  - Qstomize
Yoast SEO for Shopify

I am happy with this app. I am very much a newbie when it comes to SEO so I learned a lot from the introductory webcast of Yoast for Shopify. It takes a little getting used to like anything else that is unfamiliar. The app kind of trains you further as you start using it as it explains not only the steps you should take at a particular point, but also why. The more I use it, the better I think I am at it, because I almost know beforehand when I enter verbiage that will get the red frowny face and am learning how to quickly fix it. I have accessed Yoast Academy as well which is great, and the one time I needed support chatting with Adetola was very helpful. I recommend it! Excited to see some results from my work!

Darryl Griggs  - Arvo Wear LLC
Yoast SEO for Shopify

The support from Yoast is first class and the app gives meaningful feedback you can immediately action to improve SEO. I have attended a one-day conference with awesome speakers, some webinars and I find their blogs very readable and informative. As a complete beginner on SEO, the Yoast app has really made a difference and given me confidence. The red, amber and green bullets are brilliant, especially as they come with useful advice and links giving further detail. I tried a couple of other SEO apps available via Shopify first but neither was anywhere near as good as this one. Thank you!

Hilary Hall  - Jiggery Pokery Embroidery Kits
Yoast SEO for Shopify

Yoast really helps me with listing my Items. I am new so I am still learning about keyword search terms and writing product descriptions. Thank you.

Shalini Branson  - Fit to a T Designs