Taco Verdonschot

When Taco joined Yoast in 2013, he had hardly worked with WordPress, so joining ‘a WordPress company’ was a true adventure. Only weeks later, Yoast sent Taco to his very first WordCamp: WordCamp Europe in Leiden, where he made a ton of new friends. The love for the WordPress community was instant, and never faded away. The more WordCamps and meetups Taco attended and spoke at, the bigger his love became. This lead to him joining the organizing teams of WordCamp The Netherlands in 2016, and WordCamp Europe’s in 2017. In 2017, he became the lead organizer of the first WordCamp Nijmegen.

Meanwhile at Yoast, he grew from doing Customer Support alone to leading a distributed team of amazing Support Engineers. With his team, he aims to provide the best experience to all those customers who help to grow the company that brought him so much.

The Open Source mindset at Yoast really affected the way Taco views the world around him, and taught him to ‘give back’. Aiming for the Victory of the Commons encouraged Taco to join the WordPress Polyglots team, and later the Community team.

In the spare free time, you can find Taco with his family, on his trials bike, organizing computer events (LAN parties) or working as a First Aider at festivals.

You can find Taco on twitter and on WordPress Slack.

Taco Verdonschot's full body avatar, drawn by Erwin.

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