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At Yoast, open source is at the heart of what we do; even the existence of our company is partly due to the open source model. We believe openness and collaboration lead to better code, better websites and maybe even a better world.

That’s why all our plugins are open source, as is our flagship plugin, Yoast SEO. We don’t just open up the source code – we encourage others to help improve it, too. In return, team Yoast also contributes to the betterment of WordPress itself.

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A big shout-out to open source »

Yoast lives and breathes open source. Here Joost explains why and more. Find out who Joost's all-time open source hero is!

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Start contributing to open source: Pro tips from Felix »

Want to contribute to open source? Learn why you would want that and where to start from open source and WordPress fanatic Felix Arntz.

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