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Bob Rademaker

My name is Bob Rademaker, and I’m working as a Content Strategist at Yoast. “Where are we going, what are we aiming for in the (near) future?” This is what I ask myself every day. With input from our research team and management, my team draws up plans and keeps an eye on the figures.

I have a background in Communication & Multimedia Design and have worked in different positions and organisations while always working with WordPress and of course, the plugins from Yoast. Therefore being able to join Yoast in 2020 was like a dream coming true.

Next to my work, I like to play (board) games, stir up a cocktail and spend time with my friends and family. I live together with my wife Rosalie and our sons Hugo and Jonas.

Hope to meet you at a WordCamp or YoastCon!