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John Dale

John here! Started at 2024 here at Yoast as Support Engineer and it has been great. Aside from helping people have the best experience with the plugin. I am also contributing to Yoast mission "SEO for everyone"

Over the past eight years, I’ve embarked on an exciting journey spanning various industries, including IT support, SEO, Quality Assurance, and Customer Service. My commitment to continuous learning has been unwavering, driving me to embrace challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem. With each new endeavor, I’ve seized opportunities for growth, enriching my skill set and broadening my perspective. As I look back on this adventure, I’m filled with gratitude for the experiences that have shaped me into the adaptable and resilient professional I am today. And with each day, I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of discovery and growth that lies ahead.

During my free time. I love playing basketball, Video games esp (Dota,CSGO,Valorant,Detective/puzzle games) you name it. And oh. Building mechanical keyboards.