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Marina Koleva

Hello! I am a linguist + developer, and I've been a member of the best team at Yoast, the Lingo team ❤️, since 2021.

I’ve worked with languages one way or another ever since graduating high school back in my home country of Bulgaria: everything from an English teacher to adults (fun!!), through a translator for a road construction company (meh), to customer support with Japanese (kudos to all customer support agents!!).

Unrelated question: did you find the previous paragraph easy to read? Technically, it consists of only one sentence, divided into many subparts through various punctuation marks. Is it acceptable to have one paragraph consisting of only one sentence? Would the answers to these questions change if you’re reading on desktop or on mobile? These are just a few examples of the research tasks I work on.

Outside of work, as every true southerner, I love good food, long conversations with friends at the table, and arguing about politics. La dolce vita, as the experts in it call it.