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Hardik Gohil

Hi all, I’m Hardik! I am working in Yoast as an ISTQB Certified QA Engineer with 11+ years of profound experience in quality assurance and quality control. I am passionate about software testing and QA as I strongly believe in delivering quality work to the end user and improving the world.

Travelling is living life for me. I and my wife travel several times a year. We love to explore new places, food and culture. That’s the main reason that I don’t have any pet. Another thing I’m crazy about is Cricket. I don’t miss a cricket match of an Indian Team no matter where I am. That’s how most Indians are because Cricket is a religion in India.

I am very possessive about my car & bike. I ride my Royal Enfield bike whenever a group ride is scheduled. I love to go on long drives in my car with my better half. In my free time, I like to watch movies and I’m a fan of Superhero Movies so I never miss any Marvel & DC movies. At weekends I love to play Bowling and Pool with my friends.