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Rámon van Raaij

Hello World! I joined Yoast in 2022 as manager of the DevOps and ICT Teams. With over 18 years of experience in the ICT industry and more than 11 years as an entrepreneur, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my role. My responsibilities include overseeing our IT infrastructure, automations, and pipelines to ensure smooth and efficient operations that support our business success.

Before joining Yoast, I worked as a technical project manager for a Fortune 500 company and managed projects worldwide in 26 countries. I also have experience as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) & Sales Engineer, and as both a Product Owner and Scrum Master. I excel in an agile environment and am skilled in applying Lean methodologies to deliver high-quality results while minimizing waste.

In my free time, I enjoy photography, playing board games and pursuing technical hobbies. I am also a proud parent to two wonderful children. At Yoast, I use my expertise and leadership skills to create a positive and productive work environment for all Yoasters.