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Rámon van Raaij

Hello World! Probably the phrase that everyone with an own website has seen. For me that was somewhere in 2004 or maybe even before. I have been working in ICT related companies and functions since 2004 and started working at Yoast on February 1st, 2022.

I manage our DevOps and ICT Field Service Team within Yoast. Together we take care of the IT infrastructure which includes the Yoast websites and all hardware and applications that all Yoasters use to be able to work (together). 

I play(board) games but most of my spare time is spend on technical hobbies, whether it’s electronic or mechanical, it doesn’t matter to me. I like to get to the bottom of things, I can tinker with cars and motorcycles, but these days I don’t like to do that (too much) anymore, I’d rather take it for a spin :-)