About Karin Berning-Pijnappels

Before joining team Yoast, I worked as a social worker for some years. I know next to nothing about computers and, to be honest, I would like to keep it that way!

I started out as a facility employee at Yoast. But I like to poke my nose into stuff, and that way I got involved in more and more tasks and grew into my new function. Now I’m the facility manager. I keep busy with maintenance and renovations at the Yoast offices, and also all the safety regulations. Choosing and ordering new awesome goodies is one of my new duties and I love doing that. And I still do all kinds of odd jobs around the office, which makes every day a different day.

Last year I went to Wordcamp Antwerpen. I had such a great time. I kind of fell in love with the wordpress community. So, every now and then, I’m a volunteer at wordcamps. You might actually meet me there. But please don’t ask me difficult questions about our products. ;)

I live with my husband Jeroen, and our three children (Eva, Bas and Anne) in Wijchen. In my spare time I like to sew children’s bags, and make all kinds of things with paper and fabric. I love to read and watch Netflix series and of course, spend time with my family.


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