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Lotte Janssen

Hi there! I’m Lotte and I'm the Content manager Community at Yoast.

I grew up in a small village and exchanged this for the ‘big’ city when I became 18 because of my studies: Communication and Information sciences and Communication and persuasion in Nijmegen. During this time I was able to spend six months in Brighton, UK, which was a great experience!

After I gained my degree, I worked as a content marketer in the e-commerce sector of the beauty industry for 2,5 years. I felt ready for a new, challenging position and then there was Yoast! Within the Community team I am involved in creating, editing and publishing content and videos, staying in contact with people from the WordPress community and contributing to the organization of internal and external events.

After work I love to have dinner and drinks with friends, go for a walk, listen to music or clear my head during a run. Netflix films & series tips are always welcome. In addition, you could make me happy with coffee, sweets and… cheese.