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Tom Ottjes

Hey there! I’m a UX designer with a passion for crafting innovative, delightful and smooth user experiences.

Before joining the team at Yoast, I worked as a digital marketer with a background in web and app design. During those years I realized my calling: optimizing products and services by enhancing the user experience.

At Yoast, I dive deep into understanding what users want and need, and then I work my magic to transform those desires into experiences that’ll make you go “Wow!” It’s like my breakdancing days all over again – smooth and effortless ;).  You might have seen me ‘bust a move’ at YoastCON 2023!

When I’m not designing interfaces, you’ll find me out in nature, making music or doing sports – it’s my way of rejuvenating. Did I mention I’m a self-proclaimed dog-whisperer? #teamdog

Find me on LinkedIn! I’m always up for a chat about the latest UX trends, best practices and would love to share ideas.