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Manuel Augustin

I was born and raised in Austria, but moved to Nijmegen in 2010 to study linguistics at Radboud University. Apart from a university exchange year in Japan, I’ve been living in the Netherlands ever since. After completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Radboud, I stayed on for a short time as a student assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

My curiosity was immediately piqued when I heard about a job opening at Yoast. Applying my language-analytic skills to develop tools that could help a wide audience was an exciting prospect.

I joined Yoast in April 2017, and mostly work on readability and SEO analysis. You might also spot me in the odd video for Yoast academy. My main focus in all of these activities is to optimize how the plug-in evaluates written content, thereby supporting users to produce clear texts that are engaging to read.

In my free time, I enjoy visiting new places, trying new recipes, and learning new languages. With my passion for all things communication-related, I hope to make the Yoast plug-in available in as many languages as possible