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Honglei Zhang

Hi! I'm Honglei. I came from China, and my background is in GIS, physical geography, and hydrology. Now working as a data engineer in the Business Intelligence team.

I spent my childhood in a beautiful seaside town in Shandong province, China, educated in a traditional Chinese style to be hardworking, responsible, friendly, and determined. It is a big decision when I decided to take an adventure in a new country and experience a different culture. Luckily, I chose the Netherlands, where I feel freedom, equality, and identity.

I came here for my master study at Utrecht University, doing the Earth Surface and Water program three years ago. Though Covid-19 took over the world for such a long time, making everything difficult, I enjoyed my study and my stay here.
“Cultural shocking” is still happening, but mostly in a good way. When I was doing my first interview for the data engineer position at Yoast, I was attracted by the inclusive, supportive and caring company culture, which is exactly what I seek three years ago. I do not doubt that I can grow into an independent and professional data engineer here for my career, and have fun with my colleagues and friends in Yoast!