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Chaya Oosterbroek

I'm the proud COO of Yoast. I'm a dedicated social entrepreneur and besides that, I love soccer and exploring different cultures around the globe.

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About Chaya

I come from a background of guiding companies and their entrepreneurs to the next level. That’s how I’ve learned I have a passion for optimizing business processes and reducing “waste”. This is why I love to engage people and drive them to the best performance within their capacities.

In my work, I’m obsessed with excellent customer support and experience. On top of that, diversity and inclusiveness are always at the heart of what I do.

Check out this interview with Chaya to get to know her a bit better!

WordCamp Europe 2022

June 02 - 04, 2022
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Porto, Portugal

June 2-4 is the 10th edition of WordCamp Europe 2022! Yoast is traveling to Porto (Portugal) with a big group to attend the event in person. And we can’t wait to meet you live at the Yoast booth! What to expect from WordCamp Europe? There’s always a lot going on at WordCamp Europe. Over three […] Read about WordCamp Europe 2022 »

Come and meet us, we are attending:

Chaya likes to talk about diversity and inclusiveness.

  • Diversity in technology: A panel discussion


    In this panel discussion, Chaya, Francesca Marano, Christie Chirinos, Mike Demo and Nigel Rodgers talk about the issues of diversity in the technology field. Watch them sharing their own experiences and talking about the future of inclusiveness in the community.