Meet Yoast’s new leader: Kimberley Cole

On May 1st, Kimberley Cole was appointed as General Manager of Newfold Europe, with a key focus of her role on leading Yoast. Since our former CEO Thijs de Valk stepped down, Yoast has been searching for a new business leader. In Kimberley, we found a fantastic person to take on this role. Kimberley joins us following a long and global career, and we’re super happy to have her on board.

The new General Manager: Kimberley Cole

Kimberley is Australian but considers herself more of a citizen of the world. She is a seasoned global executive with extensive experience in financial services and technology. With over 20 years of experience as a strategic go-to-market leader, she has helped customers across different regions identify solutions to succeed in a constantly disrupted world.

Kimberley has worked with big names such as Reuters and Thomson Reuters in various roles, from product management to sales and marketing. Most recently, she served as Chief Commercial Officer at Lynk, a successful knowledge as a service series B scale-up. In addition to her impressive professional background, Kimberley also founded Risky Women, a community aimed at inspiring and connecting women to be bold, extend themselves, and take risks. She’s incredibly passionate about empowering women from all walks of life.

Kimberley looks forward to guiding Yoast into this new chapter: “I am excited to be on board and about the journey we have ahead. Joost and Marieke built a fantastic company and we will continue to build on their incredible foundation. It is the start of a new chapter for Yoast, and with our talented team, I look forward to innovating and enhancing our products and service to continue as a market leader of SEO”.

Will there be any significant changes?

“As I’m new to the WordPress world, I will first be listening to and learning from the amazing Yoast team, our customers, and the community. My main focus will be to understand our customers’ needs, see how we can better serve them, and continue anticipating what will benefit the community, including some of our wonderful partners. It is definitely a new chapter for Yoast, which I will write with the team. Of course, our mission remains ‘SEO for everyone’ at the core but bringing the power of Newfold to provide even more to our customers, partners, and the community.”

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