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Sabrina Joest

Hey there, I'm Sabrina and I'm the Social Media Marketer at Yoast. I've always been passionate about social media marketing, and found that social media is often overlooked & most people think it's an easy task of "just posting things". While on the contrary, it's a powerful tool that needs a clearly defined strategy that can help reach and engage with the targeted audience!

I’m half German & half Indonesian, and was born and raised in Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands in 2015 to do my studies, in which I graduated with an International Hotel Management degree and spent several years in the hospitality industry and living in different countries. A few years back, I realised that this isn’t where my passion is, and found my great interest in online marketing & creating engaging content. Fast forward to today, I’ve helped multiple small to medium sized companies scale their businesses with the power of social media, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it!

I love: cooking, getting lost in cities I’ve never been to, reading a book by the beach on a warm sunny day, and video calling with my friends & family back home. I don’t love: windy days, unstable internet connections, and bugs that can fly.