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Camille Cunningham

Hi there. My name is Camille and I work as a content manager at Yoast. This means that my work mainly revolves around content. The creation, optimization, and sharing of useful and fun content that will hopefully help you on your SEO adventure!

My love for content started at a young age with the discovery of books. Novels, fantasy series, classics, biographies, and the occasional comic book. They all create their own little world you can dive into whenever you feel like it. But our world has lots of stories to tell as well. That’s why, after a few years of working in online marketing, I decided to focus on content marketing.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design and a Master’s degree in Media & Influence. Besides my interest in media, I also enjoy being outdoors. Taking long walks, swimming or going to a music festival with friends to wind down and recharge my batteries. I live in the lovely town of Elst with my fiancé Nico and cat Nami.