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Hi there. My name is Camille and I work as a content manager at Yoast. This means that my work mainly revolves around content. The creation, optimization, and sharing of useful and fun content that will hopefully help you on your SEO adventure!

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My love for content started at a young age with the discovery of books. Novels, fantasy series, classics, biographies, and the occasional comic book. They all create their own little world you can dive into whenever you feel like it. But our world has lots of stories to tell as well. That’s why, after a few years of working in online marketing, I decided to focus on content marketing.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design and a Master’s degree in Media & Influence. Besides my interest in media, I also enjoy being outdoors. Taking long walks, swimming or going to a music festival with friends to wind down and recharge my batteries. I live in the lovely town of Elst with my fiancé Nico and cat Nami.

WordPress 5.8: Paving the way to Full Site Editing

Yesterday, there was another release of WordPress and once again it’s packed with lots of cool features. This release is a big step in the direction of full site editing. It brings us new possibilities to easily change up our pages, spice up our images, and other improvements to our favorite open source platform. Let’s […]

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Learn how to use WordPress without touching any code

Since July 2021, a whopping 42% of all websites are hosted on WordPress. And this number is only growing larger. Honestly, it’s not hard to pinpoint why WordPress is so popular. It’s one of the most user-friendly content management systems out there. Anyone can use WordPress to create a website that fits their needs without […]

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SEO news in May 2021: Google introduces a new language model

This month, Google held their annual I/O conference, an event at which they announce new product releases and other interesting stuff. They introduced us to MUM, their new language model and the next step in understanding online content. But meeting (their) MUM wasn’t all. There was lots of SEO news in May 2021 and our […]

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5 years of writing readable content with Yoast SEO

Writing seems simple enough, but writing a compelling text that keeps the attention is quite hard. Especially online. To keep people on your page, you need to write quality content that’s easy to read. Easier said than done? You’re absolutely right. That’s why we introduced a readability analysis in our Yoast SEO plugin five years […]

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SEO news in April 2021: More time for your Core Web Vitals

A bit of a scandal involving hospitals and the noindex tag, a postponed deadline for your Core Web Vitals and a whole new editing experience in WordPress. Our SEO experts Joost de Valk and Jono Alderson discussed the latest SEO news in April 2021 in our monthly webinar. If you’ve missed it, or simply want […]

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