User eXperience (UX)

Optimizing websites is not just about getting those visitors to your website. It is also about serving them the best user experience and keeping them on your website. Or even better, seduce that visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your products.

Get ready to optimize your site’s speed, write awesome content and improve the accessibility of your site. Make sure your site is mobile friendly and don’t forget to analyze the results of your efforts.

Beginners level

What is UX (and why bother)? »

The importance of user experience for SEO continues to increase. But what is UX? And how does it affect SEO? User experience is all about offering your visitors a memorable experience. If people enjoy your site, they come back and tell their friends. Learn more about UX in this post on SEO for beginners!

Expert level

eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide »

Everything on how to give your webshop visitors the warmest possible welcome. Read about eCommerce usability and UX in our ultimate guide!

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    Does accessibility matter? We think so! Facts that show that you should take accessibility into account when developing sites and software.

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    What does an awesome button look like? Should you use flat buttons, ghost buttons, one-state buttons? In this post we share our opinion on button UX. 

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    SEO and UX have a lot in common. They serve the same goal: to optimize the experience for either a search engine or your visitors. Here are some examples!

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