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eCommerce usability: the ultimate guide »

Everything on how to give your webshop visitors the warmest possible welcome. Read about eCommerce usability and UX in our ultimate guide!

Must read articles about User eXperience (UX)

  • Accessibility matters »

    Does accessibility matter? We think so! Facts that show that you should take accessibility into account when developing sites and software.

  • Button UX: designing a clear call-to-action »

    What does an awesome button look like? Should you use flat buttons, ghost buttons, one-state buttons? In this post we share our opinion on button UX. 

  • Where SEO and UX meet on your site »

    SEO and UX have a lot in common. They serve the same goal: to optimize the experience for either a search engine or your visitors. Here are some examples!

  • What is UX (and why bother)? »

    The importance of user experience for SEO continues to increase. But what is UX? And how does it affect SEO? User experience is all about offering your visitors a memorable experience. If people enjoy your site, they come back and tell their friends. Learn more about UX in this post on SEO for beginners!

Recent User eXperience (UX) articles

What are breadcrumbs? Why are they important for SEO?

10 February 2021 | 2 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Breadcrumbs are an important part of almost every good website. These little navigational aids don’t just tell people where they are on your site, but they also help Google work out how your site is structured. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to add these helpful little pointers. Let’s take a look at …

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What are breadcrumbs?

Manage your readers’ expectations to reduce the bounce rate of your post

2 February 2021 | 14 Comments | Camille Cunningham

Grabbing the attention of people online is hard. But keeping that attention is way harder. In fact, it takes most site visitors less than a second to form an opinion about your page. That’s all the time they need to decide if they’re going to stay or not. So having a clear message that’s easy …

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How to optimize your homepage

21 January 2021 | 19 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Does homepage SEO exist? We asked ourselves that in our post on homepage SEO. However, a lot of the people still feel that a homepage should be optimized for a keyword. Perhaps optimizing your homepage for search engines works for some of you, but ranking in Google should definitely not be the only purpose of your homepage! …

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homepage optimization

10 tips to improve the quality of your page

7 January 2021 | 12 Comments | Camille Cunningham

Is your page not attracting the number of people you thought it would? Or are you wondering what you can improve to get your page higher up in the search results? And to get people to stay on (and come back to) your site? There are a few things you can do to give your …

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featured image low quality page

SEO in 2021: A new chance to impress

29 December 2020 | 12 Comments | Edwin Toonen

Although it also brought lots of good things, 2020 was a year to quickly forget for most of us. So let us take a look at next year. For most sites, SEO in 2021 is not much different from the past couple of years: you still need to improve the same stuff, but you do …

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Optimize product images for your online store

23 December 2020 | 6 Comments | Thijs de Valk

Product images can make or break your online shop’s success. You can hire the best designer in the world to create a killer design, but when images are bad, sales will be bad. It’s the first thing a customer will look at. In this post, we’ll go over a number of things you need to consider when …

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Optimize product images for your online shop

How to get ratings and reviews for your online business

13 October 2020 | 2 Comments | Michiel Heijmans

Reviews or testimonials are mostly said to work on the basis of social proof. Social proof is a psychological process in which people copy the behavior of others, in an attempt to reflect correct behavior. In this post, I’ll take a look at how reviews work, how you can get them and how structured data …

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ratings and reviews

How to turn your online customer into a brand ambassador

22 September 2020 | 4 Comments | Michiel Heijmans

Right after a customer does an online purchase on your site, an important marketing opportunity arises. At that moment, someone chose to buy a product from your business, linking them to your brand. So make sure to seize that moment! In this article, we’ll go over a number of things you can do to turn these online …

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User eXperience (UX)

Optimizing websites is not just about getting those visitors to your website. It is also about serving them the best user experience and keeping them on your website. Or even better, seduce that visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your products.

Get ready to optimize your site’s speed, write awesome content and improve the accessibility of your site. Make sure your site is mobile friendly and don’t forget to analyze the results of your efforts.

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