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Content writing

Good content writing is one of the three pillars of good Content SEO. The other two are doing good keyword research (to determine what you should write about) and creating a good site structure.

Our posts in this archive cover tips on how to write content that people will want to read and share and will rank well in the search engines.

Content writing

Must read articles about Content writing

Caroline’s Corner: My blog planning habits

13 June 2018 by Caroline Geven - 12 Comments

If there’s one thing I’m known for among my colleagues, it’s for my obsession with notebooks and planners. I have not one, but a total of three planners in my bag. Three, ladies and gentlemen. Is this insane? Yes, it is. Is it too much? No, you can never have too many planners. And oh …

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Caroline's Corner

Using Gutenberg as an editor: does it make my life easier?

Being part of the blog team at Yoast I spend much time writing, correcting and editing content in the editor. Of course, I’ve heard about Gutenberg (it’s quite the thing here at Yoast) and glanced over it, but I didn’t take the time to do much with it myself. When the Gut Guys asked me …

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gutenberg and copy writing

Ask Yoast: Using heading tags in interview-based content

1 June 2018 by Joost de Valk - 15 Comments

If you know a specialist or influencer in your niche, interviewing them and writing an article about it for your site can be a great idea. It’ll give your readers a different perspective, and it offers a nice change from regular blog posts. At Yoast, we have a tag for interviews, and we enjoy the chance …

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Meta descriptions are going to be shorter again

Your meta descriptions need to be shorter. I know, just a few months ago, we told you that your meta descriptions could be longer. Now we’re saying that they should be shorter. I understand the confusion. But Google changed its mind. And whenever Google changes its mind about something, we need to adjust accordingly. It’s …

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How to use Yoast SEO to create an awesome meta description

Caroline’s Corner: How to use Pinterest to grow – my experiences

A little over a month ago I started looking at my Pinterest profile more seriously in regards to my blog. I didn’t use Pinterest for my blog yet and never even thought of pinning my blog posts to Pinterest. I used the website to keep my wishlist up to date and had tons of hidden …

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Caroline's Corner

On Google’s related entities patent: Write awesome posts!

Perhaps you’ve read about the related entities patent which was recently granted to Google, or perhaps you haven’t yet. You should read Dave Davies post about it on Search Engine Land and find out more about it. The related entities patent gives us valuable insights into how Google identifies relationships between content. So, in this …

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