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6 steps to a successful link building strategy

24 November 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 13 Comments

Link building is part of your growth strategy

Links are important for SEO. And link building should therefore definitely be part of your holistic SEO strategy. But more importantly, link building should be part of your growth strategy. Links should help generate traffic to your site directly. In this post, I’ll describe 6 important steps for a successful link building strategy, the holistic SEO »

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Link building: what not to do?

2 November 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 18 Comments

link building don'ts

A lot of link building strategies can backfire, causing more damage than doing good. If you want to improve your ranking in the long term, using what we call a holistic SEO strategy, you should definitely avoid certain link building tactics. In this post, I’ll describe link building DON’TS: tactics you should most definitely NOT »

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Link building from a holistic SEO perspective

19 October 2015 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 16 Comments

illustration of link building as part of holistic seo

At Yoast, we hardly write about link building. Of course, links from other sites are a really important ranking factor. We do know that ;-)! Link building done the wrong way can easily backfire though (see Joost’s recent post about Google Penguin), resulting in a ban from Google all together. Link building just isn’t easy. That »

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Google Penguin explained

15 October 2015 by Joost de Valk » - 9 Comments

Joost explains Google Penguin

One of the most painful Google updates that can hit a website is called Penguin. Google Penguin aims to remove sites from the search results that have been trying to game Google by buying or otherwise “unnaturally acquiring” links to their website. It does that by basically applying a negative value to specific links. So if you »

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How to clean up your site structure

3 August 2015 by Michiel Heijmans » - 33 Comments


We all know that moment where your website has grown to this monstrous collection of pages. That moment when you realize that you have too many pages in your menu and the coherence of your website is nowhere to be found. And we also know what a struggle it is to clean this mess up. »

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Smart Alternatives to Dangerous Link Building Strategies

Last December, we wrote about all the things that you should take in account when cleaning up bad backlinks. We asked Christoph at LinkResearchTools to check all of the information in there to make sure we were not missing anything. When going over that post, we felt that we should elaborate on the subject of link building on »

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Clean up your bad backlinks

16 December 2014 by Michiel Heijmans » - 28 Comments


This new year, Yoast has decided to provide you with a head start for your website. The general idea: clean up your entire site and start 2016 fresh! In this post, we will go beyond on-site optimization and explain a bit more about bad backlinks for your website.   Bad backlinks, or low-quality backlinks, is a »

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GoDaddy’s spammy link building techniques

15 December 2011 by Joost de Valk » - 184 Comments

Search Engine Spam

Over the last few months, I’ve seen GoDaddy rise up in the rankings for a lot of hosting related terms. At first I suspected they were finally using their very strong domain in a smart way, but then I noticed they ranked for terms I know you can’t rank for without a lot of external links, no »

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Using cornerstone content to make your site rank

8 December 2011 by Joost de Valk » - 56 Comments


The most common question we answer in our website reviews is “how do I make my site rank for keyword X?”. What most people don’t realize is that they’re asking the wrong question. You see, sites don’t rank: pages rank. If you want to rank for a keyword, you’ll need to determine which page is »

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Link Building Tips that Work

22 August 2011 by Joost de Valk » - 39 Comments

LinkMoses Private - Link Building Tips that Work

You might recall that I’ve written a Link Building 101 article not so long ago. Since then, I’ve had quite a few people asking me for link building tips, advice, tricks, etc. I’ll tell you now: I’m not the one to ask. I have ideas about it, of course, but my methods don’t work for »

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