Iolanda Sequino

Hello there! My name is Iolanda and I joined Yoast as an assistant in linguistics. I come from Italy, I’m as curious as a child and I’m obsessed with languages. In my dream goals agenda “learning as many languages as possible” ranks in the top five, together with knowing the names of all flowers. I happened to be a Yoast user in my previous job as a content editor, so being here kind of feels like destiny. My tasks at Yoast include researching languages morphology to code sets of rules accommodating the plug-in to different target languages, in order to expand its readability to as many languages as possible.

I was born and raised in Naples, in the sunny South of Italy, and I moved to the Netherlands for my Erasmus at Radboud University in Nijmegen in 2017. I got my BA in Modern Arts and Humanities
form the University of Naples in 2013, then taught Italian as a second language and wrote about books for an Italian online magazine. Finally, I started my MA in Linguistics and Cognitive Studies in Siena, Tuscany, in 2016. I also worked as a reviewer and assistant editor for a Neapolitan publisher during my bachelor’s years.

Even though I miss the warm weather, I really enjoy the simple and relaxed Dutch lifestyle. It’s a nice break from the social whirlwind of Italy. As for the rest, I like hiking in the nature and doing yoga, going to museums and dreaming of fairytale dresses. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of environmental sustainability and board games. Cat videos and herb tea always cheer me up.