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Jordi Prats Verdu

Hi! I'm Jordi, a developer at Yoast.

I was born in Spain and graduated in Tourism Management, followed by a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage.

After several years working in the tourism industry in the Netherlands and Belgium, I made a career switch to development. I studied and gained experience as a Front-end developer, and currently, you can find me working in the Lingo team at Yoast.

In my free time, I love meeting up with friends for drinks or food, but I also love cooking and inviting friends over. Additionally, I enjoy being in nature or cycling, which has become a significant part of my life since moving to the Netherlands.

Whether it’s with my mountain bike, gravel bike, or city bike, I love taking one out for a ride. Lastly, I also find joy in gardening, attending concerts, and, of course, traveling!