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Niko Körner

Since the start of 2024, I've taken on the responsibility of overseeing all Yoast products in my role as the "Director of Product."

This entails leading the product and UX/UI team, and we take pride in delivering new releases every other week throughout the year. Yoast stands out as an agile and ambitious company, deeply committed to its customers – a quality that resonates with me.

Following the completion of my economic studies in Cologne, I plunged into the world of product work. From my initial role, I’ve been actively engaged in the global hosting industry, serving SMBs and agencies by creating and enhancing products, whether they be WordPress or SEO SaaS solutions.

When not immersed in my professional endeavors, I cherish spending quality time with my wonderful kids and wife. Additionally, I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and attempting to spark my oldest child’s interest in Lego.