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Rumejan Barbarona

I’m a Yoast SEO user since 2011 and a Yoaster since 2014.

After graduating from Electronics Engineering and passing the board, my interest shifted to the world wide web. So I joined a web hosting company as a support engineer. Not long after that, I moved to a business process outsourcing company supporting Microsoft technologies. Two years later, I switched to a business systems analysis role in a printing solutions company supporting Siebel CRM and Akamai.

Before joining Yoast, I developed and maintained a few WordPress websites for clients. In June 2014, I became a Yoaster as a support engineer.

I am married and a father of 1 kid and 2 dogs. I’m a travel buff and will surely get back on the road when this pandemic is over to add a few more countries to my list of 31 visited so far.