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Diede Exterkate

In 2015, I started at Yoast as an intern. During my internship, it was my job to make Yoast SEO run faster. After this, I started working parttime while completing my education in software development. Now, nearly two years after I first set foot in Yoast HQ, I am working full-time as a software developer in the Platform team. Here I am responsible for the technical side of things of applications like our blog, shop, Yoast Academy and MyYoast.

I started at Yoast when I was 19 years old. I was, of course, the youngest member of the team (which only existed out of roughly 30 people at that time). People liked to jokingly remind me of that fact back then. And even though I am no longer the youngest employee at Yoast, I’m still considered the youngest. Some say that I’ll still be the rookie when I’m 50. The thought alone scares me…

But, while I do very much enjoy it, working at Yoast is not the only thing I do. In my spare time, I like to grab a drink with friends, hang out with my girlfriend Felice, do some computer-nerding and watch a movie or two.