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Aida Marfuaty

Hello! I am Aida, one of the developers/researchers in the Lingo team. I help with expanding our word form support and other language-related features/assessments to include more languages. With this, we help more people around the globe to optimize their content, and I am happy to contribute.

Other than that, studying and researching about how language works has always been my passion, and it’s even more exciting for me when I started to learn how to translate all those linguistic rules to a language that a computer can understand (and see it works!).

I acquired my master degree in Linguistics from Radboud University in 2017. After graduation I worked as a freelancer in localization industry before I started to work for Yoast in 2019.

I am obsessed with cats and house plants, so in my spare time I like to play with my cat and attending the needs of my plants (currently 60+ plants, but always still want more and more). In addition, I also love reading book and dabbling with knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. Once in a while, I’d also perform traditional dances with an Indonesian group dance in which I am part of.