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Aida Marfuaty

Hello there, I'm Aida, born and raised in Indonesia. I moved to the Netherlands in 2016 when I was accepted for General Linguistics Master Program at Radboud University Nijmegen.

After my graduation, I work remotely for several platforms such als Unbable, Appen and Moravia. My work mostly helping localising product by translating content from English to Indonesia, evaluating machine translation result as well as glossaries and translation memories. Working remotely is great. However, it does nog help me much in improving my teamwork skill. Hence, when I came across ta job opening at Yoast for linquistics asisstant, I though is was a perfect chance for me to develop this skill that I did not develop much from working remotely. Further linguistics is my passion! So I am happy that I can work with my passion and at the same time be part of an amazing company, Yoast that is.

In my free time, in order to enhance my translation and subtitling skills as well as to help spreading great ideas to Indonesian speakers, I volunteer on Amara platform where I translate English TED videos to Indonesian. I’m also part of an Indonesian group dance in which we often perform traditional dances at Pasar Malam events in the Netherlands.