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Carolina Nymark

I am a self taught web developer who has learnt through and grown with WordPress and the WordPress community for the past ten years.

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Building websites has been a way for me to express myself and to reach other people since the mid 90’s.
And that is what WordPress is to me, a tool that helps people create their own space where they can express themselves freely, a tool to help people grow. It is also why open source, the four freedoms, and web accessibility is important to me.

I am a theme nerd who enjoys every aspect of theme development because I can be creative with the design and provide structure with code.

As a WordPress Core contributor my focuses are accessibility and themes.

Before this I worked with refugees at a government agency for 18 years. Besides coding I enjoy cross stitching and painting. I am a gamer, so even outside work I spend a lot of time at the computer. I enjoy country music and hiphop, and watching adventure and sci fi movies.