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Hi everyone! 👋I’m Beth and I have been working at Yoast as a Digital Product Marketeer in the Marketing Department since January 2024.

As part of the conversion team, I will be getting to know the customer and the product really well, snuggling myself firmly between product and marketing (best of both worlds).

Before joining the team here at Yoast, I was working in a mixture of Digital Marketing, Agency (general) and also took a dalliance into education for a time so I love a challenge.

I am obsessed with learning and love the little details in life so working here at Yoast opens up a whole bunch of opportunities for me to geek out! 🥸

Outside of work, I’m often to be found listening to music or a historical audiobook while knitting or sewing. I love meeting up with friends wherever they are for a ‘chinwag’, or getting out-and-about in the Lake District and beyond! 🙂

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