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Vince Aeronne Emperio

Vince Emperio here! I'm a support engineer here at Yoast. I like having conversations and getting to know people is an opportunity I wouldn't miss every day.

After graduating in Information Technology, I’ve been working in customer service for over 5 years. I started as a Service Desk Analyst providing Global scale support. After that, I joined Dreamscape Networks Inc. A web hosting company in Cebu, Philippines, later rebranded as Newfold Digital Inc., I transferred to a different department and got the SEO Support role.

Here at Yoast, I aim to further develop my knowledge in SEO and be able to optimize my own website someday.

When I’m not working at Yoast, you’ll find me frustrated over writing music for my Melodic Post-Hardcore Band, playing any game in My Steam Library, and, more importantly, spending time with my Wife.