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Hans-Christiaan Braun

Born and raised in Wijchen, I wrote my first code on a Texas Instruments calculator in high school and got drawn into programming completely during my bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

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I went on to doing my master’s in AI at Radboud as well, where I focused on the chances of AI in the domain of natural language and the internet in general.
My graduation project focused on applying machine learning to search, a technique commonly called learning-to-rank. This technique is getting used more and more by search engines to optimize their algorithms, and as a result has many implications for SEO as well.
After a (very brief) stint as a developer at a marketing tech firm, I switched to Yoast, where I am currently working as a web developer in the platform team.

Setting up a WordPress development environment in Docker

22 January 2020 | Hans-Christiaan Braun

Testing WordPress plugins can be difficult, especially during development, when you want the feedback loops to be small. A local development environment can help. This enables you to test your plugin on a local WordPress installation, running on your own computer, without the need for a live website. However, setting one up can be difficult, […]

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Setting up a WordPress development environment in Docker